Club de Espanol


Spanish Club
Drusilla Ibarra - Sponsor

The Spanish Club was established to foster Spanish and Latin American culture for social activities, fiestas, and field trips to places for Spanish education. Spanish Club members attend Spanish musical events and participate in Spanish festivals in the area.




The Spanish Club is a great way to learn about a different 
culture, language, and in the process, experience these
great moments with your friends as well as share with your family.  

We also take field trips like this one at the Castle of Muskogee for Halloween.
Eric Gomez and Priscilla Salazar decided to take some cool pictures with the different characters there. So come and join the club! It will be a great experience.



Catoosa Public Schools


2000 S. Cherokee
Catoosa, OK.  74015

Phone:  918-266-8603



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