Bond Issue 2013

Catoosa Public Schools

Bond Election 2013

The Dream Continues!


Bond Election Facts

Election Date  
November 12, 2013

Polling Places  
Regular voting precincts

The Need 
21.16 million dollar school bond issue
in building/transportation bonds for 
Catoosa Public Schools

Bond proceeds enable us to continue to upgrade the technology system
throughout the 
district and continue to upgrade existing school facilities.
No projected tax increase!



What will the Election provide for our schools?

As part of our long-range and current plans for capital improvements, a Bond Election will be presented to the Catoosa Public School community on November 12. This Bond Election will provide needed funding for the residents of Catoosa to invest in our children’s education.







The residents of Catoosa have recognized the urgency to improve facilities and enhance programs in order to remain a leader in 21st Century Learning. Now is the best time to make this investment. The improvements and upgrades will replace current facility restraints in addition to providing advanced technology. This will complete the final phase of the original 3 phase project that began in 2008.




What will our investment be?

Projects will be financed through the issuance of $21.16 million, in building/transportation bonds. The bond issue is NOT projected to increase taxes.




The funds will be directed toward 
improvements in the following areas:


 Remodel middle school office for visibility of entry doors (security)
 New Cafeteria – MS/HS (Proposed above ground storm shelter)
Remodel existing middle school cafeteria into classrooms
Security Cameras
 Buses / Suburbans


Restoration of Alumni Senior Photo Panels (HS)
New HVAC Units / Maintenance & Repair
Replace Track/Replace Westside bleachers for home bleachers/Press Box
Turf Football Field
Completion of Concessions/Restrooms project
Athletic / Band Equipment
Purchase New Desks – HS / MS


 Purchase Microscopes – HS
Replace Lights at Cherokee Gym
Refinish Gym Bleachers at Cherokee
Walking Track at J.W. Sam
Remodel Bathrooms at J.W. Sam
Canopy at J.W. Sam
 Playground Equipment at Helen Paul Learning Center


Replace Loading Dock at Helen Paul Learning Center
Replace/Repair Fence at Helen Paul Learning Center
Continue Repair/Remodel Twist Center
Intercom System – District Wide


Please Vote on November 12

Polls open 7:00 a.m - 7:00 p.m.

Catoosa Public Schools


2000 S. Cherokee
Catoosa, OK.  74015

Phone:  918-266-8603



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