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Attendance Policy

Weekly Indian Nation Communication: Attendance Policy

We have received our core value survey feedback; thank you for the great input! A common theme from the survey is communication. In an effort to better communicate, we will have weekly Indian Nation Communication videos to provide communication about various topics. Please contact your site principal or me for more information and/or questions. 

Alicia O'Donnell, Superintendent
Office 918-266-8603 ext 1505

Attendance Policy Link:

Notes from Attendance Policy Video:

OK State Dept of Education counts all absences (no matter what) and they consider more than 10% (7 days) as chronic absenteeism. The more chronic absenteeism we have the more it impacts our school's A-F School Report Card and it impacts students. They learn more when they are in class every day. However, we know students will have some legitimate absences that we need to take into consideration. With documentation will not count these absences against a student for credit purposes. 

Attendance Codes:
AD - Absent Documented (must have documentation - will not count against credit)
AE - Absent Explained (Phone call but not documentation - will not count for truancy but will count for credit)
AU - Absent Unexcused (No phone call or information - too many could result in involvement of law enforcement and/or District Attorney
EE - School Activity (does not count against attendance - 10 allowed per year)
SC - State Competition (qualified event - will not count against attendance)
EA - Excused Administrative Absence (meeting with principal, counselor, etc - will not count against attendance or credit)

3 tardies/leave earlies count as one absence in HS and MS classes
4 tardies/leave earlies count as one day absent at Cherokee and Helen Paul
TT - Tardy Truant (Tardy Unexcused)
TE - Tardy Excused (Tardy Documented)
TC - Tardy Chargeable (Tardy Explained but not documentation)

MS and HS offer buy-back program for students who exceed the 7 absences limit (without documentation) and want to receive credit. Contact the site principal for more info. 

The parent portal is a place where parents/guardians can keep up with grades, attendance, and child nutrition balances (and pay with CC). If you do not have log in information please contact the site office and they will get you set up. The information in the portal is available 24/7.