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Dome Storm Shelter

Hello Indian Nation

Our weekly communication topic is the Dome Storm Shelter. The Dome was built in 2014 with the support of our district patrons through the passage of a 2013 bond issue. We greatly appreciate the support of our district patrons with past bond issues. We would not be able to provide this safe and beautiful facility without your support. 

The Dome is used by the MS and HS for breakfast and lunch but also during severe weather. We are getting close to the spring severe weather season and want to also make it available to our district residents outside of the school day during severe weather. In January, the board of education approved a part-time, as needed position for a storm shelter manager. The manager will be responsible for opening and closing the Dome, checking people in, enforcing the rules, and making sure everyone is safe. We intend to hire a storm shelter manager, and possibly an assistant storm shelter manager if the number of people using the Dome during severe weather is large. We will also be looking to hire a back up storm shelter manager to open up the Dome when the regular manager isn’t available. 

We are currently accepting applications for these positions. The position would only be as needed and would not include benefits. There is also a requirement to live close enough to the Dome to open it in a timely manner. Please see the application link provided and the job description in the post if you or someone you know might be interested. 

application link: 
job description:…/…/storm_shelter_manager.pdf

Once we have the positions filled, we will be able to make the Dome available to district residents outside of the school day during severe weather. The board of education has adopted rules for the use of the storm shelter so that we can ensure the safety of everyone using it. We are excited to be able to provide this safety for our district residents, and have confidence that the rules of use will be followed. I am posting the rules with this video and will address them more once we have a manager in place. 


Thank you for taking the time to find out more about the Dome Storm Shelter. If you have any questions please reach out using the contact information in the post.

Alicia O'Donnell

As always, It’s a great day to be an Indian.