"C" for Catoosa Public Schools

Dear parents and families, August 29, 2022

According to the USDA, breakfast and lunch will no longer be free to all students. Due to the loss of waivers, please  see the lunchroom policy below. If your student has a negative balance when they come through the line for breakfast or lunch, they will be given an alternate meal that still meets nutritional guidelines. The alternate meal policy goes into effect on September 6th, 2022

Unpaid meal Charges

Unpaid meal charges on a student’s school food account are the responsibility of that student’s parent/guardian. These charges are expected to be repaid as soon as possible. We ask that repayment of unpaid meal charges be made as a one-time payment. 

Repayment can be made:

1. Online via WenGAGE: Guardian Portal 

2. By the student in the cafeteria at lunchtime (cash or check accepted)

3. Via postal mail to the address listed above. Payment by check is recommended for postal mail payments

4. Via drop-off at each school site. 

Statements of account balances will be sent home every Tuesday. 

We would like to strongly encourage you to complete the free and reduced application online, if you have not done so. Paper applications are available by request at each building and the Education Service Center. 

If you have any questions on concerns, please contact arichards@catoosa.k12.ok.us


Ashley Richards

Child Nutrition Specialist 

Catoosa Public Schools Board Of Education Policy: Child Nutrition Information For Families. 

Section 3 - Page 58: 

Charging Meals

Students in grades PK-12 who do not qualify for free meals may charge a maximum of 3 meals before being served an alternate breakfast or lunch. No charges will be permitted after May 1st. All meals which are charged will be alternate, reimbursable meals. 

Students who have exceeded the charge limit and students who are without lunch funds will receive up to 3 alternate meals if they do not have money to pay for their meals. The cost of these meals will be added to the family’s delinquent account balance. A schedule of these meal prices will be posted in the cafeteria with other prices. 

The alternate meal will be presented to the student as a reimbursable sack lunch.